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HeidelbergCement Digital Event 360° Website

HeidelbergCement is one of the largest global building materials companies, operating worldwide, being the number one in aggregates, number two in cement and number three in ready-mix concrete. A company of such size with multiple allocations demands a lot from the senior managers. Therefore, the annual Senior Management Convention is of great importance, as it aligns all senior managers worldwide with the company’s goals and developments.   




Digital Event


August 2020


Four weeks ahead of the official event, red lab was commissioned to design, plan and execute a collaborative program for the HeidelbergCement’s 2020 Senior Management Convention, which this time took entirely place in the digital realm. The virtual format presented us with the challenge to be at least as engaging and connecting as the physical event has been in prior years. Another task was the inauguration and presentation of the new HeidelbergCements headquarter, that whilst meeting online had to be made accessible and visible for the organization’s top 223 managers which are spread around the globe. 

Event Design

To address the challenge at hand, we designed an interactive 360°- degree landing page that served as the digital home throughout the event. 3D material of the building was used as a visual metaphor by integrating the actual event schedules, participants and the content in this 360°- degree website. It served as a great base to successfully move the traditional senior management conference into the virtual world.  

We set a four-day agenda consisting out of informative and engaging elements. One of the elements was a video of the CEO, which guided the participants through the new building. This tour allowed the managers to experience the new building virtually. Other elements were social sessions and Q&A’s as well as informational input elements such as moderated presentations and panel discussions of the leadership team. We also set up a live studio which was used for different elements during the event. The drafting happened in close coordination with the internal event team.

The experience started prior to the event with a (digital) participant pre-package and a call out for a little video clip from every participant, which with a muse of our designer, resulted in a kick-off video that signaled unity and collaboration.   

The input from two extern experts, a Lego artist and a conductor, shaped one highlight of the convention; the audience was asked to draw (unseen) parallels of their profession to HC managers tasks and challenges.   

24h Workshop

The convention ended with a 24-hour workshop given to six group streams to generate ideas regarding specific topics. The presentation of the results turned out to be the climax of the convention.  

A moderator training and a dry run guaranteed an overall smooth flow of the convention, and video elements that were placed between the different modules ensured engaging transitions.  A recap video at the event ensured the sustainability of the experience made.  

“Our colleagues designed and experienced interactive sessions with a variety of impulses and had a lot of fun. The requirement for a “look & feel”, and thus consistent storytelling, as well as a good mix of interactive elements, contributed significantly to the success.” Carmen Rex, Director Group HR and CHRO at HeidelbergCement Group  

Results &

A successful and unforgettable Senior Management Convention that served as global alignment that at the same time enabled the participants to reflect upon- and derive ideas for the future. The social formats gave the participants the opportunity to network and bond. And thus, digital, the convention was cost-efficient and environmentally friendly as the travel costs and co2-emission of 223 international managers were saved.   

“ With the help of red lab we were able to bring to life the potential of digital and thus set an important impulse for our digital transformation. Our top 200 executives were thrilled!” 

Carmen Rex, Director Group HR and CHRO at HeidelbergCement Group