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Continental - Virtual Transformation Summit

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods, with the future in mind. In times of a pandemic, which asks for new ways of working, great importance is given to employees their freedom by letting them implement their own ideas. To do this, Continental brought the Virtual Transformation Summit to life. The Virtual Transformation Summit sent 31 so-called transformation agents on a learning journey of 5 months which allowed them to develop and push their own ideas forward. The journey consisted out of a digital event series. 




Digital Event


June 2020


Red lab was commissioned to accompany the transformation agents during this journey, drafting, orchestrating and executing a digital event series. The task at hand was to empower the participants by conveying an agile mindset as well as tools to develop ideas in just four sessions. Another goal that had to be met was establishing and strengthening connection across silos. Because the journey took place in the digital sphere, we were faced with the challenge to maintain the agile process and keep the inspiration flowing over this long period of time.   

Solution & Challenges

The Virtual Transformation Summit took place in four digital group sessions in the plenum and two digital self-organized work phases. Starting with a kickoff session for topic selection followed up by idea development, prototype development, testing and finally, the presentation to the relevant stakeholders. All elements followed a highly iterative approach to maximize flexibility and efficiency. Each group found assistance through individual coaches that accompanied the groups during the entire course of the event series.   

Training & Execution

Digital workshop boards designed in Continental’s CI, a playground for digital prototyping, get-to-know games, and a modular digital toolset were assets that supported the teams on the way. To keep the inspiration flowing and get impulses, we also included expert input and stakeholder interviews that delivered us with multi-perspective insights. 

Results &

We are proud to say that The Virtual Transformation Summit was a big success that resulted in six projects that have taken a big step forward thanks to fast iterations. On top of that, an agile, as well as customer-centered mindset, was taught to the participants, which can be used beyond this project. 

“Together with red lab we set up an impactful virtual workshop series to spark innovation and to learn and try out new approaches to solve challenges in complex and dynamic business environments. The participants were positively surprised by the quality of the results that were achieved in the interactive, virtual sessions. We are considering to stick to the virtual format even after the Covid regulations may no longer be in place.”  
Anne Windberg Baarup, Head of Group Organizational Development, Continental