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Remember being at school? The hardest work was staying focused while listening for hours and hours at a time. If you’d like to keep your attendees engaged, then one thing’s essential: structuring in a proper break.

What is a proper break?

A proper break doesn’t mean going from a laptop to a mobile screen and scrolling dead-eyed through Instagram. A proper break is one that uses an entirely different skill set, allowing your guests to return to the event refreshed and reinvigorated.

Think visual

We recommend trying a picture dictation. The presenter should ask the attendees to fetch a pen and paper. They should then describe an illustration or photo which they’re holding in their hands (held out of view of the camera).

At the end of the description, all the attendees must hold their images up to the camera. Usually the results are pretty different from the original picture, which gets people laughing!

Get funny

Alternatively, encourage your participants to join in with a round of laughter yoga. This involves clapping rhythmically and chanting “Ho, ho, ha, ha” over and over. Then participants must take deep breaths and release with a huge laugh. 

This might sound strange! But faking it til you make it really works here. The body doesn’t distinguish between real or fake laughter, meaning you feel lighter and happier even after fake laughter.

Slow it down

Too quirky? Perhaps try some simple tai chi moves instead. Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition which is soothing, suitable for everyone, regardless of age and fitness levels. It is a great way to summon up renewed focus. Check out the founder of Taoist Tai Chi Master Moy Lin Shin, demonstrating some of the movements.

Bust some moves

Want to keep it simple? We’d suggest asking for a volunteer. This person will now be your dance leader! Crank up some infectious pop music and get this person to perform some simple dance moves. Those watching from home should try and replicate these moves from the comfort of their home-office area. Every minute or so, choose a new dance leader to keep things moving.

Whatever break you choose, make sure it’s something engaging and fun so that your attendees can return to the event feeling refreshed, warmed up and a little more at ease with one another.

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